Diverse Universe Performance Festival 24.04. kell 18:00

24 April 18:00 TARTU ARTIST HOUSE /
TARTU KUNSTNIKE MAJA, Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia

Diverse Universe Performance Festival

Diverse Universe on iga-aastane rändav festival läbi Ida-Lääne-Lõuna-Põhja-Euroopa, kaasates üle 200 rahvusvahelise kunstniku ja ühendades 25 linna üheteistkümnes riigis.



Ron Whitehead (Kentucky, USA)


Ron Whitehead is Outlaw poet, writer, editor, publisher, organizer, scholar, professor. As poet and writer he is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards/prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize and The Yeats Club of Oxford’s Prize for Poetry. In 2004 he was inducted into Ohio County High School’s Hall of Fame. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature.

Non Grata (Estonia): Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Little Tom, Little Korea

Around the name NON GRATA there have been different hushes and shushes for a long time. Already from the point of view of death of conventionalization of art it has embodied the horrible and unwanted disembodiment of human person, from which the meaninglessness of nowadays art, is pouring out. For those, whose world of arts starts from the point, where the art world ends, NON GRATA has been a liberator, the orphic gap in the seemingly unalterable course, which however betrays us, it is a cure from incest. The main point of the group is ethical – it is the image of primitivism, impersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presentations are physical texts, whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the groupmembers. Aesthetical and provocative challenges are represented in places, where the Art World doesn’t work.

Son of The Widow (USA):

Andy Cook (USA)
Andy Cook is an artist, musician, poet, writer, photographer, free thinker, and welder. He comes from a long line of artists, musicians and poets. Being raised by an atheist, a spiritualist, an agnostic, and a religionist forced his art to be birthed in those fiery alchemical realms between god and science, evolution and creationism, life and death, and chaos and order.

Kelly Cook (USA)
Kelly’s career has been a colorful one, obtaining a Masters of Cosmetology in 2000, and later attending a liberal arts college where she received several awards and a scholarship for her academic excellence. Her degree is in English Literature with a special emphasis in Greek Mythology, Psychology, Art, and Poetry. These elements along with her love for nature are infused in her musical creativity and expression.

Matt Thomasson (USA)
Matt Thomasson is a self-taught/classically trained musician. He started at the early age of 9 on guitar, and then moved on to piano, percussion, and various strings and horns through grade school. Matt found himself entangled in the fascination of fusion, and progressive rock guitar, as well as having a lust for traditional, classical, country, folk and jazz guitar. While also dabbling in uncharted realms of the cosmos.

Ken Siebert (California, USA)
Ken Siebert in American performer, sound artist, also painter and sculptor. Graduated from San Fransisco Art Institute. Living and working in Sacramento, California.

Jung Hoon (KOR)
Jung Hoon Lee is South-Korean performer and dancer. Director of Theater Dumi. Performed all over Europe and Asia. Living and working in Seoul.

C.n.o.p.t. Group: Ville Karel Viirelaid (Estonia/Finland) & Katja Oksanen (Finland)
A performance art group with the intention of hurling people, on occasion, by sensory overload. Instruments: expect anything, but not everything.

Triste Sire (Finland)
Poet, commenting on contemporary human condition in historical context of 1900 century european national-romantic tragedy. Uses visual apps like blood fire and stone to create feeling of certain seriousness.

Rubriigid: Määratlemata. Salvesta püsiviide oma järjehoidjasse.